Just Defy

Your lips spit lies into the faces
Of those who were so close to us
You create your own disgraces
To soil the bonds that bound our hearts

You wear a mask to hide your face
So your doubts can not be seen
You've become your own disgrace
By not respecting what has been

Your words don't hurt me anymore
They just show that you don't see
How hard you try to justify
Yourself for what you've done to me

You embrace yourself in stranger's hands
To show the world that you don't care
About me and how it all ends
But just betray yourself

You just want to give them answers
That you don't even know
You just try to justify
Because you're dead inside

My words can't hurt you anymore
They just show me how week I am
How hard I try to justify
Myself for what I've done to you

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