Figure in the mirror

Every time you put this mask on your face
A little piece of your soul dies away

The figure in the mirror`s not me
A different reality
It's just a picture that you see
From my true self, I do flee

What I feel and what I see
I do through eyes of an enemy
Forced by powers pushing me
Resulting in fear and misery

I change myself to fit the needs
During this mutation my heart bleeds
Trying to adjust to society
Not anymore, I want to be free

Only a few could break the shell
Surrounding my soul`s polluted well
Drink from it and you will see
All the pain that rests in me

It is like a Pandora's box
With a number of haunted locks
The one who sees deep inside
Knows all the feelings I do hide

Once you took a look inside of me
You decide between joy and misery
If you abuse the things you know...

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